It’s a busy day-some lucky tea drinkers will be receiving some awesome tea this week! Loving our packaging these days.  #thesophisticatestea
We made it! (at Hanging Lake Trail)
A good ending
at Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs
Feeling Relaxed (at Glenwood Springs, CO)

Grit is the disposition to pursue very long-term goals with passion and perseverance. And I want to emphasize the stamina quality of grit. Grit is sticking with things over the long term and then working very hard at it.

Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Grit and the Secret of Success – fascinating look at the work of pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth, who studies the one personality trait more predictive of success than any other. (via explore-blog)

Any being, any agent, who can truly say, ‘Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!’ is standing on the threshold of brilliance.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett, who is 72 today, on the art-science of making good mistakes.  (via explore-blog)